Zazen Meditation – An Easy Meditation Technique

inding a place, which is going to allow you to practice in comfort without disturbances.

Second, sit in either a full or half lotus position which ever you find most comfortable. If you find this difficult you can sit on your knees or a chair. Consider using a Zafu or pillow and sitting on the forward third of it.

Third, make sure to keep a straight spine. Zazen meditation requires a little deep breathing. The right posture can allow you to take deep breathes without discomfort.

Fourth, place your hands comfortably in your lap.

Five, Concentrate on your breathing and close your eyes either to a fully closed or half-masted position.

Six, Follow this breathing technique. Inhale deeply, hold and exhale slowly. This should be repeated 10 times. Permit any thoughts to flow through and then out of your mind without resistance. Be careful that you don’t over breathe. Make the exhales slow and relaxed probably twice as long as the inhales. Maintain the hold for a few seconds. Do the whole procedure in a slow relaxed deliberate way. If you feel light headed then just return to normal breathing.

Seven, now watch your breathing for approximately 15 minutes. Just pay attention to the inflow and outflow of your breath at the nose. When thoughts arise let them flow away.

Eight, end your meditation slowly, open your eyes without rushing. Take in your surroundings. After a few minutes slowly get up.

Zazen meditation with regular practice can help you to uncover awareness from within you, creates a calm peaceful mindset, which allows you to recognize thoughts you might otherwise have missed. It is more than just taking a meditative position and sitting quietly. It can provide you with a sense of well being and help you to work out solutions and answers to many problems.

Mike Skinner is an experienced meditator, meditation researcher.

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