Three Main Virtues

All of us possess what I refer to as the three main virtues: love, compassion and wisdom. I will be doing a video series on love, compassion and wisdom when I launch the Musingly Mindful You Tube Channel soon. So, stay tuned!

In the tradition in which I have practiced for years, the Shambhala Tradition, the most important and foundational human quality is called “basic goodness.” This idea is not new but was introduced to the west in the twentieth century by Chogyam Trungpa. For many of us who follow the concepts, they are secular, even though Trungpa was a Buddhist meditation master and highly respected Tibetan

A prevailing idea is humanity is “fallen” and incapable of goodness. Some say that humans are basically good and that inherent goodness can be cultivated and spread as we learn to choose goodness over the bad and compassion over indifference.

One of my teaches once said that, “This nature is something we have to work to reveal, because our nature is hidden within so many illusions or habitual patterns that we have created with our minds. They have nothing to do with our true nature. We create them and make fabrications, layer over layer like onion skins, so that our true nature is hidden underneath. We have to peel back the skin of the onion to reveal our true nature.”

This evening I was considereing the idea of our delusions being like an onion (as mentioned above) from which we peel the layers. I can remember a while back when we were makeing onion rings at home and my eyes became filled with tears as I peeled the layers of the onions and cut them in rings. The work that results in our finding ourselves is not always a pleasant job. But, it must be done if we are to successfully survive as individuals and as a species on this precious planet.

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