The Walking Meditation

The concept of walking meditation is using the action of walking as a form of meditation. It allows us to become mindful and aware of who we are, what we do, and how our bodies exist. It gives us an easy point of focus and depending on how aware we are it can be an intense experience.

In comparison with sitting meditation, we tend to just go with the motions and what we feel within ourselves is harder to pay attention to. With sitting meditation we are just being aware in stillness. With walking meditation we are aware of ourselves by being and doing with action.

With walking meditation, it can be taught and practiced by a yogi or other masters of meditation. However, you can easily learn how to do it yourself with some simple exercises that once mastered can be done anytime you are in motion and walking from your house to your car, from the car to the supermarket, etc. It’s one of the simplest ways to get your mind and body centered.

So how do you begin this exercise of walking meditation?

First of all, just stand and become aware of how you are standing. You might find yourself realizing just how you stand affects how you feel. If you feel tired, you’ll feel yourself slouching and feeling unbalanced. If you have a lot of energy or are in a good mood, you will feel yourself standing tall and upright. The purpose of just standing before walking is that it warms you up to being awareness with how you balance yourself and how that can metaphorically be applied to your daily life.

Once you are warmed up with standing postures, you can start walking. You start at a slow pace by becoming aware of each step. You then increase it to how your feet move, the pace your feet move, and on and on. Once you have mastered this meditation you will be able to be aware of your movements you make without thinking about when to think about them.

The exercise of walking meditation forces you to become aware of yourself and the movements your body makes while doing it. Metaphorically speaking, you are learning to become aware of yourself and how the energy of your body affects your environment and the people around you. More importantly, you are also learning to be mindful of yourself and how you take care of it.

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