The Importance of Discipline in Our Meditation Practice

Sometimes it takes a few obstacles to help us take a step up. It is not unusual for us to get sidetracked off our regular routine. Our minds (unless trained through meditation and mindfulness) are “all over the place” constantly, and it is not always easy to bring our mind back to where we need it to be after a disruption of our routine.

One of the results of our diligently practicing meditation and mindfulness is that we become kinder to ourselves. I would submit that many of us struggle with our own sense of self-worth, our sense of failure or inadequacy. This is another factor that can seriously disrupt our minds and our thinking. We can also being to cultivate what I call a generic sense of goodness to ourselves and to others. Actually, it is difficult to be gentle with ourselves and kind to others.

Two particular things can sidetrack us on our path to liberation through meditation and mindfulness. These are:

A. Ordinary activities (routines we develop that become habitual actions and thoughts.)

B. Arrogance (having the mind and feelings that we have arrived and that we are fine and do not need to work with ourselves.

When we are honest with ourselves, we can begin to be honest to the world around us. If you have noticed a theme in this blog, it is that everything we need to become and all that we must do to become familiar with ourselves starts with us and individuals. We should seek out and become, to some extent, part of a community that is interested in meditation and mindfulness and that will help mentor us in our quest for a better understand of who we are how to deal with the day to day phenomenal world around us.

So, what does it mean to be genuine? The definition of “genuine” according to the online dictionary is, ” truly what something is said to be; authentic.” One of the words cited as a synonym for genuine is the word “sincere.” Genuine is that which is the real you. The genuine person is the person who can be who and what they are before others and before themselves without any sense of embarrassment.

There are times when we will loose that sense of knowing who we are. The way to work with that is to be sure you are disciplined in your practice. Practice meditation and mindfulness now matter how you feel. Just do it. Be diligent. Be tenacious. Discipline is our life support. Through discipline, begin again.

Just sit!

James at Musingly Mindful

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