Meditation For the Times

As our country continues its descent into the grip of fascism, we have no choice but to work with our minds so that we can think and act with clarity. Today on the news I heard the terminology that is being used by the administration to refer to the ICE roundup of a million or more undocumented immigrants. The term used was “the final roundup.” Many will know why this term concerns and frightens me.

I never thought at 65 years old that I would be confronted with such as this. It has challenged my entire way of viewing the world. I ask myself the question: “how do I present myself as a meditation and mindfulness coach when I am struggling with what is happening?” The only thing I can give as an answer is that I also struggle with the realities in our world.

I try to find ways to practice that will assist me and others in our journey through this horribleness. I am in the process of writing a few practices that I can use to help others and myself learn how to navigate through this with a clear and focused mind. Hopefully we only have a year and a half or so before we see a big change happen that will correct our path and move us onward again toward kindness and sanity.

Find a time each day to sit with yourself. When fearful thoughts arise, face them and call them what they are, “thoughts” nothing more, nothing less. The thought in itself is not the issue. The issue is that we entertain the thought and we give it permission to then take hold of our emotions and, in some cases, our actions. Just let the fearful thoughts flow by, recognize them as thoughts and let them go. We need clear, sane and focused minds in these times so that we can deal wisely with what is happening in our world.

Just Sit!

James at Musingly Mindful

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