Introduction to Meditation, part Two

That is one of the reasons that we focus on the breath in one type of meditation. We are attempting to calm our mind.  We want to gain clarity so that we can stop reacting to every emotional hit we take throughout the day.  The tradition that I have been mostly involved with calls the one who has decided to embark on a journey of meditation, a warrior.

Meditation then, allows us to be aware of what is happening in our minds. When we become aware of the discursive way our mind works we can learn to stop and be mindful of what is around us.  This assists us in gaining understanding of the way things really are.  We can then relate, with appreciation, to what we see, smell, hear, taste and touch.  Our five senses are gate wherein all kinds of sensations and memories enter our mind.  Mediation is a way to become familiar with how our mind does so, and to understand how to calm the mind.

In “The Sacred Path of the Warrior” Chogyam Trungpa wrote that, “If we are willing to take a unbiased look, we will find that, in spite of all our problems and confusion, all our emotional and psychological ups and downs, there is something basically good about our existence as human beings.  We have moments of non-aggression and freshness. It is worthwhile to talk advantage o these moments. We have an actual connection to reality that can wake us up and make us feel basically, fundamentally good.”[1]

On this path we are taught that we need to open ourselves to ourselves. “Developing tenderness towards yourself allows you to see both your problems and  your potential accurately.  You don’t feel you have to ignore your problems or exaggerate your potential.”[2]

This book is about getting to know who we are. It is also about the practices that can assist us in our journey toward self-knowledge.

[1] “Sacred Path of the Warrior,  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, 1984, Shambhala Publications, pp. 29-33.

[2] “Sacred Path of the Warrior, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, 1984, Shambhala Publications, pp. 35,36

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