Inherent Basic Sanity

I am occasionally challenged when I teach in certain places about the idea that I present concerning what is commonly called “Basic Sanity” by those who have been lifelong readers and students of Chogyam Trumgpa,. Basic Sanity is the inherent goodness of heart that is within each one of us. We are not born as unworthy worms that deserve horrible things to happen to us because two mythological figures almost six thousand years ago decided to disobey their deity. We are each unique and we each have the ability to be part of the creative process that is constant and ongoing in the universe. Our lives and the universe are anything but static.

Perhaps it is disturbing to some people to hear it implied that the junk with which we fill our minds leads us to what some of us call neurosis. Granted, I am not a brain surgeon, nor am I an expert on matters of the mind, but I do know that all of those things which I have experienced in my life from the day I was born until this present moment have left imprints on my mind. Those imprints sometimes leads us into trouble. From what I have read and heard from those who are experts, phobias are often the result of some kind of traumatic event that happened in one’s life. In the same way, all of the good things that have happened leave imprints as well.

This is the very basic reason why meditation is important for each of us to explore. We are all too busy and too involved in day to day affairs to be able to stop and consider the way our mind works and how it can trick us into all kinds of crazy (neurotic) behaviors. I am not trying to sell you on my own brand of meditation. What I am trying to sell you on is to try meditation. Work with it. Try different methods that you read about. Seek out teachers and instructors that can assist you in learning how to meditate. Many of them have been there and they can help you start on a path that will help you overcome the frightening and confusing world of fear that most of us find ourselves trapped in.

Over the next few days and weeks I will be writing more about how to overcome the neurotic element that causes us to act and think in ways that we end up regretting. Basic sanity is the foundation of our existence. We were born with the capacity of learn, to understand, to grow and to become peaceful and caring individuals. That can be our goal no matter how far we think we have been removed from it. Meditation is the question and the answer.

More in a future post….

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