20 Point Meditation to Release Tension

1.      Follow the sound of my voice or read each line of instruction and do the exercise it explains

2.      Close your eyes and relax

3.      Slow down and breath normally – breathe in, breath out

4.      Keep up the breathing, steadily.

5.      With each breath, try to relax a bit more

6.      Now, keep your eyes close and begin focusing on your breath

          Feel you breath in your belly as your belly rises and falls.

7.      As you exhale imagine that you are breathing out any mental and

          Emotional tension

8.      As you breath in imagine that you are breathing in peace and calmness.

9.      Continue this practice of breathing out any mental and emotional

          Tension and breathing in peace and calmness.

10.    As you continue try to imagine the tension leaving your shoulders

          Your chest and your entire body.  Attempt to relax into calmness.

11.    If you cannot, at the moment, imagine this, then listen or read the instructions and come back again, over and over and try it.

12.    Continue to try and relax, letting everything that is stressful go, as much as possible

13.    Begin to focus again on the rising and falling of your belly as you breath. 

14.    As your belly rises think to yourself – “rising” –

15.    As your belly is falling think to yourself  – “falling” –

16.    Try to continue the practice of feeling your belly rise and fall for maybe 30 seconds.  –“Rising” –  “Falling” – “Rising” – “Falling.”

17.    Gently allow yourself to simply relax and breath normally.

18.    Sit, breath and relax.  Sit, breath and relax.  Sit breath relax.

19.    Allow yourself a bit of movement. Gently move your arms and

          Slowing turn your head side to side

20.    You may now get up from the chair or cushion and continue your usual routine.

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